The Cutest Halloween Spirit Animals You’ll Ever See

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It’s no secret that animal expert Jarod Miller just loves to give Rach a run for her money with the creepiest, scariest animals he can find (like this timeand this time), but this Halloween, he decided to bring out some animals you’d normally associate with this spooky season that are actually cute! Rach loved them, and we have a hunch you will, too (well, except one)! Watch the video above to get your daily dose of cuteness.

Spectacled Owl
Did you know that owls are one of Rach’s favorite animals? When she was a child she says she used to be called “Little Hoot” because she loved staying up late. Miller says this owl in particular is found in South America and can eat thousands of mice and even monkeys!

Eurasian Eagle-Owl
According to Miller, this is the biggest animal on the face of the planet! It’s called an “Eagle-Owl” because not only is it the size of an eagle, it’ll eat rabbits and even small deer!

South American Marine Toad
These just might be the largest toads you’ll ever see! Believe it or not, Miller says they don’t swim -- and can fit another frog not that much smaller than themselves in their mouths. They also eat bugs and rats. The most dangerous part of the toad is on it’s back. Miller says the parotid glands produce a toxin similar a Class 1 narcotic. (Sorry, not cute.)

Fishing Cat
A cat that loves to swim?! Adorable! These beautiful cats live in the water and their heads are shaped similar to an otter’s. They have webbed feet, and the majority of their diet is… (take a wild guess) fish! These cats can live about 15 years.

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