Watch This Amazing Story That Reminds Us of 'The Blind Side' and Try Not to Cry – We Dare You

Playing Watch this Real-Life Version of ‘The Blind Side’ and Try Not to Cry – We Dare You
Watch this Real-Life Version of ‘The Blind Side’ and Try Not to Cry – We Dare You Aired November 18, 2016

Rodrick Jackson was a sophomore high school football player when things really fell apart at home – little did he know his coach Adam Fisher and his wife Jolene would change his life forever!

“My family life was not good, I didn’t have much structure or help and guidance in the right direction,” Rodrick shares. “I was out of my house for my whole sophomore year, so I was just couch-surfing, not knowing who I was going to live with next. I was skipping school and cutting classes and I ended up just dropping out.”

He wanted to play football again his junior year so he reached out to his coach for help. Adam and Jolene responded in the most amazing way – by welcoming Rodrick into their home (kind of like the 2009 film “The Blind Side,” which was based on the true story of Carolina Panthers player Michael Oher). Long story short, the couple won legal custody of Rodrick and he’s now, along with their two daughters, a member of their family.

“When I first moved in, it was instantly like I was at home,” Rodrick says. The teen, who had been quite thin, has gained 30 pounds and his grades have gone up significantly, according to Jolene.

Watch above to hear his inspiring story, and check out the video below to see the awesome surprises Rach had in store for him and his family (Pittsburgh Steelers alert!!!)

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