5 Smart Ways to Make Your Small Space Merry for the Holidays

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Bringing holiday cheer into your home can be a challenge no matter the size, but it can be extra-tricky when you’re dealing with a small space.

Our viewers Celeste and Jeremy asked for help decorating their new place, which is half the size of their previous home, after moving cross-country for Jeremy’s job in the military. Add in their baby daughter Charlotte, and decorating, period, felt overwhelming, let alone finding space for a Christmas tree.

Designer and Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson to the rescue with five tips on how to add celebratory cheer no matter how limited your square footage is.

“It’s my personal belief that this is the time of year when we can go nuts. However, if you go a little too crazy, it can look chaotic. And the holidays are already chaotic," Emily says.

"To keep things simple and stylish, I try to shop and style within a color palette and a theme," she adds.

Tip 1: Use Trays to Make Artful Arrangements

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“Trays are your best friend when it comes to styling. They corral things. You might have a lot of disparate objects but when you put them on a tray, you’ve got a collection. All of a sudden, it looks intentional,” says Emily.

Create themed trays – one can display a variety of Christmas trees, while another can go for a more whimsical theme with fun, cute holiday objects. Use faux snow and greenery to add to the effect.

Tip 2: Repurpose Tiered Dessert Trays

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Make multi-level decorative displays with a surprising kitchen item -- dessert stands. Just wind decorative garland around the tray, adding ornaments, greenery, faux snow and a playful, fun topper to complete the look. Set it on a coffee table for instant festive flair.

Tip 3: Add More Seating with Oversized Pillows

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When you have a small space, having enough seats for all your guests can be a challenge. Add soft and comfy holiday floor pillows for bonus seating, and arrange themed pillows on your furniture for another festive touch.

Tip 4: Downsize Your Christmas Tree

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If you don’t have room for a full-sized Christmas tree, scale down with a tabletop tree. Get a tree that is 2 to 3 feet high and keep the scale of the table in mind when choosing a tree -- you don’t want a tree that’s wider than the table it’s on.

Tip 5: Spruce Up Your Bookshelf

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Create “little worlds,” as Emily calls them by grouping items together on your bookshelves. Take it a step further by hanging a holiday wreath off the front.

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Whether you have a huge space to fill, or a cozy home, Target’s holiday section Wondershop has everything you need to deck the halls. From trees and ornaments to lights and toppers, it’s a one-stop shop that Jeremy and Celeste will probably be visiting soon thanks to the $1,500 Target gift card they went home with!

Here’s to holiday decorating bliss!

Emily Henderson is a paid spokesperson for Target.

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