Meet a College Sophomore Who Started a Food Pantry in His Dorm Room

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Lots of people can remember being a starving college student, scrimping for a few dollars to buy some pasta or a can of beans.

Well, Alabama A&M sophomore Justin noticed that some of his fellow students didn’t have enough to eat, so he invested $40 in some groceries and started a food pantry right in his dorm room!

Before long, donations were coming in and he was able to help his classmates fill up on high quality food.

Watch the video above for a tour of Justin’s dorm room set-up.

Rach was so impressed to hear about Justin’s efforts that she and her friends at grocery store chain Aldi surprised him with a $5,000 gift card, which should keep his student food supply fully stocked for quite a while.

You have to see Justin’s gleeful reaction in the video above (and to hear why Rach thinks he may be our president someday).

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