8 Expert Fixes for Your Beauty, Home + Cooking Problems

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Whether it’s botched beauty, DIY disasters or cooking crises, no need to fret, beauty expert Mally Roncal, DIY pro Carter Oosterhouse and chef Geoffrey Zakarian have simple solutions.


Problem #1: Wrong Foundation Shade

Mally reveals a simple trick for finding out if you are using the right shade of foundation -- apply some to your collarbone, if it matches, you’re good!

Problem #2: Too-Obvious Contouring

Mally calls obvious contouring “poo poo lines.” She says it’s crucial that you use a product that is made for contouring and not, say, brown eyeshadow.

Watch the video above to see her demonstrate exactly where you should place your contouring product and your highlighter and how to blend it the right way.

Problem #3: Thin Eyebrows

Rachael Ray Show

You probably already know that makeup can help. But what kind and how? Watch the video above to learn how to make them look fuller without, but still natural.


Problem #4: Old, Saggy Chair

Got a well-loved chair that has fallen into a sorry, saggy state? Carter shows you how to return it to its former glory by adding inexpensive furniture batting that you can pick up at the home repair store. Just stuff the batting into the seat cushions -- it’s really that easy!

Problem #5: Botched Paint Job

Rachael Ray Show

If you’ve got peeling paint and need a quick fix, Carter shows you how to stick fabric to your wall that can easily be removed whenever you get sick of it. Watch the video above to get his secret sticky recipe.

Problem #6: Using Hammer Wrong

DIY'ing can be fun. A bruised thumb thanks to a hammer slip? Not so much. Carter shows you the right way to grip it in the video above—and a special trick for holding the nail to make sure you protect those thumbs.


Problem #7: Overbaked Cake

Rachael Ray Show

Save your dried out cake by turning it into a yummy British trifle-esque dessert called a “fool.” Your guests might be “fooled” into thinking you intended to make this all along, says Geoffrey!

Problem #8: Didn't Defrost Chicken

We’ve all been there -- you need to make a quick dinner but forgot to defrost the chicken. Skip the microwave, which can end up cooking the outside while the inside is still frozen. Here’s Geoffrey’s tip to make sure you always have easily defrosted chicken: cut your chicken breasts in half when you buy them, then freeze individually in ziplock bags. Boil them in the bag in a pot of hot water for 10 minutes and you’ve got perfectly defrosted chicken.

Need more kitchen help?
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