11 Tips for Throwing the Best Football Party Your Friends Have Ever Seen

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If you’re a football fan, you know what a crazy time of year this can be -- the playoffs are in full swing, and the biggest game day of the year is right around the corner.

Jennifer and Patrick Delaney from Hackensack, New Jersey are lifelong football fans and want to throw an epic viewing party. But, with two kids to clean up after before guests arrive, they feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of it. Just look at the toy mayhem in the video!

To help get their pad party-ready in no time, and make decorating and clean-up a cinch, we teamed up with P&G at Walmart and sent in our own quarterback, designer, Taniya Nayak!

Check out the video above to see how she helped the Delaney’s ace their party without blowing their budget and steal her genius tips below.

Tip 1: Don’t Clean Everything — Just THIS

People always end up in the kitchen because that’s where all of the food is! But who has time to clean everything? Nayak says the one thing you absolutely must tackle is the floor.

She recommends grabbing a Swiffer® WetJet. Its ABSORB + LOCK™ pad helps trap and lock dirt and grime while cleaning virtually any floor in your home. No more mop and bucket for you!

Tip 2: Add Football Flair With Butcher Paper (which also doubles as table defense)

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Football fans can get pretty rowdy, so make sure you protect your surfaces. Nayak tapes butcher paper to the table and gets creative with it by adding yard lines with colored tape. Now the table is safe, and looks like a football field!

Tip 3: Create Instant Stadium Seating

When it comes to football parties, you must have a seat for everyone. Period. Not only does every person need a seat, but they need a clear view of the TV from wherever they are sitting.

Watch the video above to see how Nayak created the living room version of stadium seating by tossing some throw pillows on the floor so everyone can be seated on different levels.

Tip 4: Build the Ultimate Football-Inspired Food Bar

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It’s easy to create a giant cheese ball in the shape of a football, cover in pepperoni and form laces with strips of cheese.

Watch the video above to see how Nayak arranges cheese, crackers and deli meats in the shape of a football, too.

For dessert, take store-bought ice cream sandwiches and pipe on football laces using frosting.

Tip 5: Figure Out How Many Drinks You’ll Need

Assume that guests will consume about two drinks per hour. A football game lasts about three hours, so that means your guests will have approximately six drinks each. Multiply the number of guests you’ll have by six, and make sure you’re prepared!

Tip 6: Make Astroturf Coasters


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What screams “football” better than astroturf? To incorporate it into the party theme, cut circles out of it to make fun coasters.

Tip 7: Make Your Home More Inviting With This Easy Move

Now that everything is all clean, you need your place to smell great! Febreze Air Effects with OdorClear Technology cleans away odors better than ever, so spray away, says Nayak!

Tip 8: Put the Kids (and Some Office Supplies) to Work for More Decor


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Time to get crafty with some simple office supplies. Watch the video above to see how Nayak made a decorative garland out of string and colored stickers that’s so easy, you can ask your kids to do it! It’ll keep them busy while you’re cleaning up all of those toys

Tip 9: Set Up a Paper Towel Station

Food at any party is a MUST, but football food specifically is usually pretty messy, so it's a good idea to have a paper towel station close to the action so everyone can help with the clean-up.

Tip 10: Set Up a Cute Game to Keep the Kids Entertained, Too

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Using painters tape (so the walls don’t get ruined), create a goalpost and cut out some footballs so kids can play pin the football on the goalpost. Get it?!

Tip 11: Get the Trash Bags Ready With This Trick

Replacing trash bags might not seem like a big deal, but trust us, once the party starts, this tip is key to making it run smoothly. Simply layer the trash bags! This way, when it's full and you pull it out, there’s another bag already in there ready to go.

With Nayak’s help, the Delaney‘s first football party was a total touchdown!

“I can’t wait to do it again, I’m so ready,” says Jennifer. “The kids loved everything and cleanup after was super easy.”

To get the audience in on the fun, Rach gave away a $1,000 Walmart gift card to one lucky audience member (find out how to be in our audience here)!

And, since she never wants anyone to leave empty-handed, the entire in-studio audience went home with a $50 Walmart gift card and tons of great P&G products to help them throw the ultimate game day party!

Now get ready, because you have an epic football party to throw!


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