How to Dress, According to Science (and Stacy London)

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How to Dress, According to Science (and Stacy London) Aired February 28, 2017

Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?”

Well, it’s possible that you are what you wear, too.

According to some recent scientific studies, dressing a certain way every day can impact everything from how we feel to how productive we are at work.

“I always say, if you want to feel better, then dress in a way that makes you feel better,” says fashion expert Stacy London.

To test this theory, three of our viewers agreed to take on a new style that’s completely different than what they’re used to. (Think going from wearing high heels every day to only wearing sneakers!) Read on below to get the scoop on each look.

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Style 1: Pretty Equals Productive
By “pretty,” London means “more formal.” According to a study by Columbia University, when people dress more formal (or “pretty”) in a business casual environment, they’re more likely to be productive and confident in the workplace.

“Dress for the job that you want, and you’re going to feel more productive!” says London.

Style 2: Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah)
Rach says “hygge” is the most used word in the Danish language -- it’s all about positive energy, or as London says “comfort creates happiness.” Think candles, big blankets, soft fabrics, and sneakers instead of high heels.

According to a Copenhagen think tank study, hygge is one of the reasons Denmark is such a happy country, because hygge is a relaxed mental state. They have one of the highest happiness indexes in the world! (Hey, Denmark -- wanna send some of that hygge over this way? Thanks.)

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Style 3: Enhance the Romance
Studies show that wearing specific colors, cuts and styles of clothing were found to be more attractive to men than others. Fun fact: London says that wearing the color red will have men approach you quicker than blue!

“There is also proof that men prefer hourglass figures,” says London. “The thing that men are attracted to most are shoulders and arms!”

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Check out the video below to see our viewer’s reactions to their new looks and reveal once and for all -- can your outfit choices really have an impact on your life?

Also, a big thanks to J.Crew for outfitting our viewers for this experiment!

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