This Advice on How to Be a Boss at Everything Will Totally Change Your Outlook on Life


Playing This Advice on How to Be a Boss at Everything Will Totally Change Your Outlook on Life
This Advice on How to Be a Boss at Everything Will Totally Change Your Outlook on Life Aired August 15, 2017

When it comes to finances, career and life goals, you want to be in charge of your future. That’s what Nicole Lapin, financial expert and best-selling author of “Boss Bitch” wants for you, too. Lapin says, “you can be a boss wherever you are... you can be a mompreneur ...have that boss mentality.”

Lapin calls time your most valuable asset (and clearly Rach agrees… after all, those meals that can be made in 30 minutes are all about saving time!).

Viewer Franni Weinberg from New York City is one of very few women on her team at work and is the youngest woman to boot. She has become timid and is ready to take back her life and become the boss she knows she is!

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Dress Like a Boss
Nicole laid out the “cost per wear equation,” which comes out to:

Original cost / uses per year = cost per wear
Cost per wear + maintenance per year = X
Original cost - X = value per year

Nicole says if the value per year is greater than 65% of the original cost, buy it. If it’s not, skip it. Rach adds that she wouldn’t even bother to do the math if the clothing item isn’t something she could see herself wearing multiple times and reiterates she always buys trendy items super cheap.

Talk Like a Boss
Nicole says women say “I’m sorry” way too much. Franni admits to saying the phrase 35 times in one day, even when it wasn’t her fault! Nicole institutes an “I’m sorry jar,” where Franni contributes one dollar every time she unnecessarily says, “I’m sorry.” Nicole also suggests getting rid of qualifiers like probably and maybe, that undermine your exact meaning. It’s all about coming from, “a place of confidence.”

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Negotiate Like a Boss
Why just take what’s offered when you can negotiate more or better for your quality of life? Here are Nicole’s tips:

Always ask to speak to a supervisor and use leverage (ie: consider going to a different cable company if your current company won’t even throw you a bone. That might spur your current company into action!).

Rachael sends Nicole and Franni on an exercise to go negotiate Franni’s bills and as Rach puts it, “they are going to go push buttons on my phone until their fingers bleed!”

Well, maybe not quite that much, but at least until they negotiate those bills.

Watch the video below to see the surprising and awesome outcome!

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