Travel in Time With Circus 1903’s Adorable ‘Elephants’

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If you ever wanted to run away and join the circus, David Williamson is living your dream life. As Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade of the new traveling circus show, “Circus 1903,” he enchants and entrances audiences with the many delights of the circus.

“We transport audiences back in time to the golden age of the circus,” says David. “It was the Super Bowl and the Olympics all wrapped into one.” To say nothing of the adorable animals - though they aren’t who you think they are. David is proud to bring, “elephants back to the circus,” in the form of Peanut and Queenie, incredible life-sized “elephants” operated by masterful circus performers. David calls the show a “family event” and says it’s all about enjoying a show together, versus watching so many television shows and playing with phone apps separately.

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The show runs in New York City April 5th through April 16th before it goes on tour all around the country. As a major surprise to our audience, everyone got two tickets to see them live at Madison Square Garden!

Watch video below to see David’s magic trick go adorably awry before Peanut saves the day! Rachael might just be the most excited one to see the big performance.

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