Facing Fears for 100 Days in a Row -- This Brave Woman Did It!

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Doing something that freaks you out sounds unpleasant enough one day of the year. But what if you did something that scared you every day for 100 days in a row? Sounds impossible, right? Not for Michelle Poler, who did just that. Her feats of derring-do earned her viral fame on the internet as she sang and danced in public, skydived, held spiders and did any number of other acts that would frighten even the bravest of us.

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Michelle says fear #97, where she had to jump off a cliff into water below, was the scariest challenge for her. She says she gained a lot of confidence and “started to see every fear as an opportunity to be something amazing, to learn something new to empower other women and younger girls.”

Michelle tells Rachael her biggest fear now is motherhood, and Nate says she’s in good company. “You still live in a state of daily terror—you just learn to manage it. I put zip ties on all of our daughter’s bedroom windows, “Nate jokes. But he told Michelle her message of conquering fears is a powerful lesson to share and pass down to her child.

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Michelle managed to face her fears of doing stand-up comedy, crowd-surfing, and painting on another human’s body - to name just a few. Read more about her here and check out the hilarious ways Rachael and Nate conquered their fears - you’ll never guess what one was!

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