Chefs Test Pasta, Pizza + Sushi-Making Gadgets

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired April 10, 2017

Two of the biggest excuses people have for not cooking are lack of time and energy. So, three New York City chefs tested different products that claim to take the time and guesswork out of our favorite meals like homemade pasta, pizza and sushi!

Chef Carmine Di Giovanni of Aunt Jake’s NYC makes all of the restaurant’s pasta in-house by hand. He tested out the Avance Collection Pasta Maker by Philips which claims to make homemade pasta faster and easier than ever.

“It feels pretty durable, looks pretty unique and there aren’t too many buttons,” he says. “As far as the overall process, I think it was pretty simple.”

MAKE: Egg Pasta

Chef Donatella Arpaia is the chef and owner of Prova Pizzabar in New York City and cranks out about 500 pies a day! (Yea… that’s a lot!)

“Making pizza at home is a little harder than in a restaurant because our ovens go up to 900 degrees and most home ovens only reach about 500,” says Donatella.

She’s not only a chef, she’s also a wife and a mother. “If I can make pizza at home with my son in an easy, fast way, that’d be fantastic!”

She tried out the Pizzarette Classic Pizza Oven by Tabletop Chefs which claims to create delicious mini pizzas in just a matter of minutes.

“I think it was very simple to use and I thought it did a decent job,” says Donatella.

MAKE: Pizza Cuz's Pizza

Chef John Daley of New York Sushi Ko has been rolling out sushi to his customers using a bamboo mat for nine years! He tested out the Sushezi Roller Kit by Camp Chef which claims to create perfectly formed sushi quickly and easily.

“It’s quite proficient and cooler than I thought,” John says.

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