Rach’s Pup-Date With Mikey The Dog

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After the catastrophic flooding that hit Louisiana in August of 2016, many heroes emerged from the tragedy. We met two of the “real life heroes” (as Rach says), Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson. They not only saved the lives of people but also pets, including one pup named Mikey.

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It’s been a few months since Rach met Mikey -- who she says stole her heart -- and the adorable pup has had a very exciting few months. During their “pup-date,” Rachael learned the wonderful news that Mikey has since had two medical procedures to help what were his deformed legs -- a problem that would have caused him much pain. Even better, Mikey now has has a wonderful human mom named Ginny.

Take a look at the video and just try not to cry.

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