The 5 Basic Breast Shapes + Which Bra Is the Perfect Fit for YOU


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The 5 Basic Breast Shapes + Which Bra Is the Perfect Fit for YOU Aired August 21, 2017

Bras tend to be a popular topic on this show because, well, there’s so much to learn about them. For example, they can help you look slimmer, and there’s even one specifically designed for you to sleep in!

But have you ever wondered if the bra you’re wearing is right for your particular breast shape? (Yes, the girls come in different shapes as well as sizes!) Senior Lifestyle Editor of, Amy E. Goodman, has the 411 on which bra is best for YOU.

If you have this shape, that means they’re perfectly round and full all over. You can probably get away with not wearing a bra at all (lucky you), but what’s even better is, pretty much any bra in the universe will fit you properly.

Breasts with this shape are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. If this is your shape, you also probably don’t have to wear a bra at all, but if you must, any bra will do.


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“Imagine kind of like a compass heading due north, and the ships are sailing out to sea in opposite directions," says Amy. "Our goal is to bring them face-forward."

As hilarious as her description is, it’s on-point. To figure out if this is your shape, place three fingers between your breasts -- if your breast flesh does not touch your fingers, this is your shape.

The Bra: Find one that pushes the breasts toward the center, like one with a front-closure. Check out the video above to see the dramatic difference.


This shape has more muscle, less tissue and they’re widely set apart.

The Bra: Find a bra that creates curves and gives you some “umph,” like a padded bralette. You want it to push up from the bottom and in from the sides so it gives you more volume on top.

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Amy says that almost all women fit into this category. What it means is that one breast is usually bigger than the other.

The Bra: It’s important to wear a bra that fits the bigger breast rather than trying to squeeze into a smaller cup. If the difference is significant, Amy says to buy one with removable padding and remove it on the side of the bigger breast. If it’s a minor difference, try and find a bra that comes in half cup sizes -- the closer you can reduce the size between the cups, the better!


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We’ll leave you with this: can you guess which side is usually bigger?

If you said “left,” then you’re correct!

“It’s usually bigger because of a protective coating of fat sitting over our heart,” says Amy.

So if you’re feeling down about being lopsided, you shouldn’t. That’s a pretty darn good reason for it!

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