Beauty Hack: How To Fix Your Broken Lipstick

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Playing Hack: How To Fix Your Broken Lipstick

What do you do when your favorite lipstick winds up smushed, smeared, or totally unusable? Don't be so quick to throw it in the trash, because beauty expert Mally Roncal has a quick-fix for the makeup blunder.

All you'll need is a lighter, a refrigerator, and a little bit of patience. In the video, Mally shows us how to melt your lipstick back together, starting at the top and working your way around the sides to ensure the broken piece fits back on afterwards. (Rach and Curtis Stone even join in to test the magic, too.) Then, it's to the fridge we go – for a few minutes of setting time for the lipstick to harden as it originally was.

Mally tests the good-as-new pink lipstick on a lucky viewer, who says she'll definitely use this tip at home, too! Chances are, she's ready to start making her own makeup that's just as good as the department store brands. This trick, plus Mally's anti-aging lipstick hack, is just what every beauty guru is looking for. Watch it all above.

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