How to Organize Your Pantry with $100 or Less

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Pantries have a way of getting super messy and unorganized in the blink of an eye — especially if you have little kiddos. That's why Erin, a mom and blogger from Minnesota who's famous for $100 room makeovers, got creative with hers.

Here, Erin shows you how to turn a pantry into an Instagram-worthy space — all with dollar-store bins, spray paint, spare cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.

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Tip #1: Spray Paint Dollar-Store Bins

Sure, you can buy glass canisters and wicker baskets for organization — but the cost of those adds up quickly.

Instead, take it from Erin and opt for plastic bins from a dollar store. Now, we know what you're thinking — those don't tend to be pretty. But that's why Erin spray painted hers! Just make sure you buy a spray paint that works on plastic and spray on two or three light coats, rather than one heavy coat (to avoid a drippy mess!).

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Tip #2: Wrap Spare Cardboard Boxes

For another frugal storage option, use unused cardboard boxes that you have laying around (Erin used computer paper boxes!). All you have to do is wrap them in pretty wrapping paper, and no one will know the difference. Watch the video above to see Erin's wrapping technique in action!

You can also buy chalk labels for the boxes. Not only will they add a special touch, but they'll also keep you and your family more organized. Plus, with chalk, the labels are easier to change!

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Bonus Tip: Hang clipboards in your pantry so you can keep all of those papers your kids bring home from school in one place. Erin has one clipboard for each of her kids!

Visit Erin's blog, Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry for more DIY inspiration.

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