Epic Makeover Alert: Daughter Encourages Mother to Embrace Her Natural Hair

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After a dozen seasons, Rach and the show have essentially become synonymous with epic makeovers -- and they just keep getting better and better!

When a young woman named Shakira wrote to us asking to give her mother, Sandra, a new look, we were touched by her request.

“I want to thank her for all she’s done,” Shakira sweetly wrote. “And give her a style that makes her feel as beautiful as she makes everyone else feel.”

How could we not take this task on?

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Shakira’s major qualms with her mother’s look, you ask? “She wears nothing but outfits from the ‘80s, original mom jeans -- not the cute ones that are back in style -- and oversized polo shirts.”

She also noted that Sandra had “given up on her hair completely” and turned exclusively to wigs for her different ‘dos.

"My hair -- I just don't know what to do with it," Sandra admitted before the makeover. "So I have different wigs for different looks. Short wigs to go out at night, I have the long look for glamour, I have my church work that I wear on Sundays."

See Sandra's "before" look below:


Rachael Ray Show

We enlisted the help of celebrity stylist June Ambrose -- and to absolutely no one’s surprise, she came through. June decided to incorporate more color into Sandra’s wardrobe to match her bubbly personality, and she opted for a versatile dress that flaunts Sandra’s oft-hidden body.

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But the best part (A.K.A. the part Shakira was most excited about when she surprised her mom in the studio during the big reveal) is that June decided to ditch Sandra’s wigs for her natural hair.
“Her new crown is her natural hair,” June affirmed. And what a gorgeous crown it is!

Check out her "after" look:

Rachael Ray Show

Watch Sandra come face to face with her new look in the video above. Plus, see her daughter, Shakira, surprise her in the studio!

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