Couple Who Collectively Lost 300 Pounds Get 2 of Our Most Dramatic Makeovers EVER

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A couple who gets fit together, stays together -- right?

That was exactly the case with husband and wife Bo and Amber from West Virginia.

After getting married in 2013, they both started gaining weight.

“You get comfortable, you eat more, you don’t feel like you need to work out,” Bo explains. “You’re not out looking for something, I guess.”

“I was pregnant, and so I took on the eating for two a little too seriously,” Amber adds. “Those habits that we gained when I was pregnant just never went away.”

At it’s peak, Bo’s weight reached 357, while Amber’s reached 363.

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Not only does the couple admit that the collective weight gain killed their energy level and intimacy, but it also led to financial struggles -- which ultimately caused tension within their marriage.

“The word divorce came up,” Bo admits. “And when I said it, I was very serious. I was done.”

But because they knew they loved each other and were determined to make their relationship work, they decided to make some big changes -- including losing the unwanted weight, once and for all.

In addition to working out, the duo started by substituting ground beef and red meat with ground turkey -- and they lost 30 pounds within the first couple of months!

Encouraged by the initial results, they made even more dietary changes -- like cutting out soda and eating whole wheat.

Ultimately, Bo lost 127 pounds and Amber shed 185. WOW.

“The average person is 150 pounds,” Bo says. “We’ve lost two people!”

The one remaining issue? While Bo and Amber’s bodies changed, their wardrobes didn’t.

So when we heard their story, we had to call in our friend and lifestyle expert Gretta Monahan to help. And let’s just say she outdid herself!

Gretta gave both Amber and Bo edgy hair and style makeovers, and when they stepped out into our studio, they hadn’t seen each other -- or themselves! Not to mention that they were each surprised with $2,500 for new wardrobes -- from Bonobos for Bo and from Lulus for Amber!

Watch the emotional reveal in the video above! Trust us, it will give you goosebumps.

For starters, look at Bo's reaction to his wife's transformation:

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