See Before-and-After Photos of These 3 Non-Surgical Treatments

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Playing See Before-and-After Photos of These 3 Non-Surgical Treatments

Can a little tweak go a long way?

While we think all of our viewers are beautiful (and you ARE!), we know that sometimes, there are little things that drive you crazy — say, a beauty mark that pops up in a random place or earlobes that can no longer hold your favorite statement earrings.

Enter our friend Dr. Whitney Bowe, who visited our studio to work with three women looking for small — but meaningful — changes.

Our first tester, viewer Dawn, was, in fact, dealing with so-called "saggy earlobes" — the result, she said, of wearing BIG earrings in the ‘80s. Dr. Whitney’s choice treatment? A little filler, injected right into the bottom of the earlobe.

"Dawn could go right back to wearing those heavy earrings tomorrow if she wanted to!" says Dr. Whitney (whose latest book, "The Beauty of Dirty Skin," hits shelves next April).

Dr. Whitney then moved on to her next volunteers: her patient Josephine, who wanted her smile to look a little less “gummy,” and Emily, also a patient, who wanted to slim down her arms.

And yes, Dr. Whitney had a treatment in mind for each lady!

See the before-and-after shots — and check out the ladies’ reactions — in the video above!

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