3 Age-Defying Women Share Their Best Food and Beauty Secrets

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Age is just a number indeed.

Standing with Rach in the photo below -- from left to right -- we have Linda, Rose Ann and Pat.

Members of our studio audience guessed that Linda is 45, Rose Ann is 18 and Pat is 40 -- but they were incorrect!

Rachael Ray Show

In actuality, Linda is 74, Rose Ann is 38 and Pat is 65! Can you believe it?

Let’s just say jaws dropped in our studio.

So, now that we’ve stunned you -- let’s get their food and beauty secrets!

Linda’s No. 1 tip? Eat breakfast.

“There’s an old saying,” she says. “Which says, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.’ It is true.”

Linda eats oatmeal and an egg in the morning -- and it only takes her 2 minutes and 20 seconds to make in the microwave!

She fills the rest of her day with protein (chicken and salmon), veggies and, believe it or not, SWEETS!

“I believe in the 90-10 rule,” Linda says.

So if she’s eating healthily 90% of the time, she indulges 10% of the time with a piece of cake or pie. Sounds reasonable!

As for Rose Ann, she revealed how she maintains her beautiful skin.

Her answer? Olive oil!

“We eat it, we cook with it,” she says. “Do you know you could also wash your face with olive oil?”

The olive oil soap Rose Ann has been using for 10 years only has three ingredients: olive oil, water and salt!

“The key to [keeping] your skin looking younger, too, is moisturizing,” she advises. “And olive oil does that.”

And Pat’s secret? Eggs -- on her face!

“In the summer, I actually use the egg white because it tightens the pores and gives you a glow and it refreshes the skin,” Pat explains. “In the winter, when our skin tends to dry out a little, the egg yolk is a moisturizer.”

Could it really be that easy?

Watch the video above for more tips from these age-defying ladies. (Pat shows us how to make an at-home pore-tightening solution!)

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