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How to Organize Your Refrigerator Aired June 14, 2018

Refrigerators can get messy -- and fast!

Not to mention that most of us are probably underutilizing the space we have.

So, that’s where experts like Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit and lifestyle guru Nicole Gibbons come in!

TIP NO. 1: Use Bins to Organize Your Pull-Out Freezer Drawer

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For starters, use one bin for frozen veggies, another for frozen meals -- and so on -- and file them side by side.

“It’s like file-folding your food,” Clea says.

This way, nothing gets buried and you know exactly what you’re working with at all times!

TIP NO. 2: Label The Inside of the Fridge Itself with an Erasable Pen

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Tired of keeping track of which leftovers made it into the fridge and when?

“Label the side of the shelf with the contents and the date you put it in,” Clea advises.

Yup, you can write on the refrigerator itself! Just test whichever erasable pen you choose before going wild.

How have we never thought of that?!

TIP NO. 3: Adhere Heavy-Duty Magnets to the Top of Fridge

You can literally hang cans, salad dressings or baby food from the top of your fridge. What a nifty use of space!

You HAVE to watch the video above to see this tip in action.

TIP NO. 4: Use Clip-On Drawers on Your Shelves

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Maximize all the vertical space in your fridge by purchasing clip-on drawers that you can attach to the existing shelves. Fill them with small items -- like butter, small cheeses or kids snacks!

Want more tips from the ladies of The Home Edit? See how they organized one viewer’s pantry in the video below:

TIP NO. 5: Use an Egg Carton To Organize Your Condiments

Get the most out of your condiment bottles (A.K.A. store them upside down!) without making a mess in your fridge by simply removing the lid from an empty egg carton and placing it right in the door of your fridge.

In an instant, you’ll have perfect little slots to store all of your bottles with their lids down -- minus the annoyance of everything falling over every time you open the fridge door!

Plus, if anything leaks, the egg carton bubbles will contain the mess and you can easily swap in a new one without having a huge sticky mess to clean up.

Watch the video below to see exactly how the hack works!


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