How To Get The Best Seat On An Airplane, According To a Flight Attendant

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3 Essential Traveling Tips from a Flight Attendant Aired June 07, 2018

You can save money by booking your flight on specific days of the week at specific times. And make money if you get bumped off your flight. But what about actually enjoying your flight? It all comes down to your personal preference—and your seat number.

Here to help you pick the perfect place to sit on your next flight is New York-based American Airlines flight attendant Stella Lozano.

If you want a SMOOTH RIDE…

The best seat in the house is the front of the cabin. It puts significant distance between yourself and the loud engines and you won’t feel as many bumps as you would if you were over the wing. Also, an added bonus is that you will get your snack and food first!

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If you are looking to SLEEP on the plane…

Get a window seat on the left side in the middle section. Those seats are often off-center so it provides a better spot to lay your head. The middle of an aircraft also ensures you won’t be bothered by bathroom lines or noisy galleys.

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If you want QUIET or WARMTH…

Choose an aisle seat; window seats are often several decibels louder and colder than aisle seats.

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