A Garbage Can That Blows Smoke Is the Halloween DIY Your Kids Have Been Waiting For

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You teach your kids to take out the trash, not to play with it.

But there's always an exception to the rule!

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While dressed in a hedgehog onesie (!), "White Rabbit Project" star Tory Belleci — who rose to fame on "MythBusters" — showed off two cool Halloween tricks for us, including how to create a vortex using a garbage can.

We're talking about a garbage can that can shoot smoke balls!

Rachael Ray Show

All you need is a full-size garbage can with a hole in the bottom, a big plastic bag, a bungee cord and a little bit of smoke, and voila! You have your own smoking cannon.

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"That is SO cool!" Rach exclaims.

So naturally, she had to make one, too!

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Watch the video above to see Rach and John (dressed as a queen and king!) in action with their own vortexes!

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