How to Store Shoes in a Small Apartment

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 10, 2017

A small living space shouldn’t force you to curb your shoe obsession -- right?


That’s why we love our friend and designer John Gidding for introducing us to this INGENIOUS shoe storage trick.

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Since small apartments often have more spare wall space than closet space, take advantage of what you’ve got!

Simply attach crown molding to the wall with a nail gun and hang your heeled shoes on it, like so:

Rachael Ray Show

? ? ? ?

Aside from being a space-saving solution, Rach points out that this trick is also a time-saving solution, since your options are always right in front of you in plain view.

We owe you one, John!

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For more of John's tricks of the trade, watch him make over a small apartment located in an old mall in the video below:


This Tiny Apartment -- Inside an Old MALL -- Gets a Massive Makeover

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