Chef Chris Kimball Shares the 3 Gadgets You Need to Master Thanksgiving Dessert

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Thanksgiving dessert made easier?

Ask and you shall receive!

Just in time for the holiday, Chef Chris Kimball came by to make us a DELISH pumpkin pie tart — seriously, Rach said the smell ALONE made the argument for "smellovision" — and while he was here, he dished on three of his favorite, new dessert-making gadgets, too.

1. Chef'n Buttercup Butter Maker

Rachael Ray Show

You can use this to churn your own butter!

"You can put herbs in it, spices, so you can add flavor!" says Chris.


2. Tovolo Precision Pie Crust Cutter

Rachael Ray Show

As cohost Jesse Palmer noted while test-driving this one, it creates a perfect circle for your pie or tart crust!


3. Rachael Ray Stainless Steel Multi-Grater With Silicone

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael was SO pumped that Chris' third favorite was her very own grater! "You can put this over a hot pan OR a bowl," she explains, giddily. "AND the sides are made of metal so it never breaks or falls apart!"


What's your go-to kitchen gadget of the moment?

(And remember, get the latest news from Jesse via DailyMail TV!)

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