These Incredible Parents Adopted SEVEN Siblings—and We Surprised Them For Their First Christmas Together!

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We can all agree that there’s nothing like giving around the holidays!

And when we heard this family’s incredible story, we knew we had to come up with an amazing gift for them.

Sofia and DaShoan Olds got married in 2004 -- and they admit that as newlyweds, they were too busy with schooling and serving in the military to think about starting a family.

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"We knew we always wanted children," Sofia says. "We just weren’t focusing on children at the time."

That is until Sofia messaged her husband in 2016 with a story that touched her heart. It was about seven siblings searching for a home for the holidays.

"We wanted to reunite them," Sofia says. "They were separated in four different homes, and we knew that we had the support system to be able to care for them and to love them, and to parent them."

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Though they say it wasn’t a simple process, Sofia and DaShoan went on to adopt the children -- and now, they’re getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas together, as one, big happy family of NINE!

To help them celebrate the milestone in a BIG way, Rach video-chatted with them and revealed a huge surprise. Watch it all in the video above!

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