He Hadn't Cut His Hair Since His Father Was Diagnosed With Cancer -- Watch This Special On-Stage Chop

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When David and Leandra’s father was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, they both sweetly decided to shave their heads in solidarity.

"And he hasn’t cut his hair since," says Leandra, who’s been hoping for her younger brother to update his look.

That’s why she turned to us after sitting in our audience one day! (She also admits she’s a wee bit jealous of his luscious locks. Can you blame her?!)

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And after being mistaken for a woman from behind and having what he calls a "non-existent" dating life, David was ready for a change, too.

Well, celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey to the rescue!

Leandra’s one request for her? “The shorter, the better.”

After chopping off a MASSIVE chunk of David’s hair right on our set, Tabatha worked her styling magic backstage -- and the result was INCREDIBLE.

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"I don’t recognize him," Leandra admits. (And neither did Rach!)

Watch the reveal for yourself in the video above!

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