This Lasagna Lugger + 5 More Kitchen Essentials From Rach's Line That She's Obsessed With Right Now

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It's our "Essentials Episode!" Which means we're sharing with YOU our can't-live-withouts of the moment.

And that includes Rachael's kitchen go-tos!

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From one of the first things she ever designed to her latest creation — which she loves so much, she walked around our set hugging it like a teddy bear — here are Rachael's kitchen essentials!


Rachael Ray Show

"I lived in a very tiny apartment and my stove was really tiny, and I could never fit two large pans next to each other," Rach explains.

Her solution? Oval pots — something she's obviously still loving to this day!

The sister pan for soups and stews, she says, can go right in the oven.

Rachael Ray Pasta Pot and Saute Pan, $180,


What's a moppine, you ask? "It's basically just a dish towel with pot holders in the corners," says Rach — but with a little historical significance.

"Back in the day," she explains, "it was an Italian-American slang term for putting your dish towel in your waistband. And that was your apron — your 'moppine'!"

Rachael Ray Moppine Everyday Kitchen Towel, $40,

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Rachael Ray Show

Rach doesn't just write recipes — she also write spice blends! And according to Rach, the company she works with distributes "the best quality [spices] I've ever seen in my life." (Don't have to tell us twice!)

One of her faves? Her "24/7" blend, because you can use it "in everything from scrambled eggs to topping your pizza."

Rachael Ray 24/7 Seasoning Grinder, $5,


Rachael Ray Show

As Rach notes, "Oil spoils — you have to protect oil from both light and heat."

And if you're using a traditional cruet, that cork top? No way to sanitize it.

That's why Rach invented an easy-pour dispenser that's also dishwasher safe, so your oil stays delicious while also staying fresh.

Rachael Ray EVOO Dispensing Bottle, $17,


Rachael Ray Show

And last but not least, the first thing Rach has created for food transport: a lasagna lugger, complete with an insulated zip-up pouch and a velcro handle.

And she loves so much, she couldn't stop hugging it on camera!

"It is for people who need to lug lasagna, everywhere they go, like this girl," Rachael says, laughing and pointing to herself.

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