Are You Cleaning Your Floors With a Dirty Mop? Stop! Here Are Easy Ways to De-Germ It

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It might seem odd to clean the very products you use to clean your home, but take it from organizing pro Peter Walsh ...

You should!

One dirty culprit? Your mop!


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(Think about it -- how can it clean your dirty floors properly if it’s not clean itself?!)

Depending on the kind you have, Peter offers two simple methods for getting yours as good as new.


Rachael Ray Show

After you’re finished mopping, empty the bucket, sit your mop in it and throw in at least a cup of water and at least a cup of vinegar (a 1:1 solution).

Let the mop soak in the solution for a bit and then leave it out to dry (preferably in the sun, Peter says, if you have that option at this time of year).

Easy enough, right?

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Rachael Ray Show

Peter suggests taking the head off your microfiber mop and throwing it into the washing machine (yes, REALLY).

Use a hot wash with mild detergent and throw it in the dryer when it's done.

"[It's] super simple," Peter insists. "Anybody can do that."

Can’t argue with that!

Now, if you’re wondering how to give your broom a good clean (which Peter says you should be doing this at least once a week), watch him demonstrate in the video above!

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