Here's Why You Should Empty Your Vacuum *Before* It's Full

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When you vacuum, it may seem as though all of that dust vanishes into thin air, but the ugly truth is that it’s actually just sitting in the vacuum -- until you empty it out, that is!

Whether your vacuum is bagged or bagless (A.K.A. it has a canister), you should NOT wait until it fills up before cleaning it out, organizing guru Peter Walsh says!


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"Empty them when they’re about a third or a half full," Peter advises. "That really helps them work much more efficiently."

And aside from shaking all the dust out of the bag or canister, you can go the extra mile with the canister by wiping the inside clean.

And that’s not all!

A lot of people tend to ignore the roller on vacuums -- but they need attention, too, especially when they get clogged!


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Watch Peter's nifty roller cleaning trick in the video above! (Spoiler: It involves a seam ripper.)

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