Spoiler Alert: Buffets Can Be FULL of Germs! So Keep This in Mind

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Buffets are a pretty amazing creation, right?

(It never hurts to have a second helping on the house!)

But something about buffets that you might not have thought about but definitely should — their cleanliness.

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With everyone touching everything, germs can spread pretty quick! And Chef David Burke swung by to prove our point.

After teaching us how to outsmart the sneakiest restaurant tricks, David covered his hands in sugar and started circling around our in-studio buffet, proving just how easily sticky fingers roam!

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If you want to keep yourself away from the germs, keep THIS in mind next time you visit a buffet: The spoon or tong you are using to help yourself is the same spoon hundreds of other people are using to get their food.

Some of these people might have gone to the bathroom and not washed their hands, and some of these people might have just sneezed into their palms. And then you know what they did? Grabbed the same serving spoon you're about to. (We know — willies!)

David's suggestion? "Make sure that the restaurant is changing serving utensils every hour," he says. Every buffet has its own set of rules, he says, so if you haven't seen those serving spoons changed, ask, and they’ll probably be happy to give you fresh ones!

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Also a bonus: "Most places now have sanitizer right at the buffet for you to use before you start to plate." But just in case, he suggests, "Bring your own when you dine out!"

Wise words, friend — wise words!

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