We Removed a Coffin (And a Whole Lot More!) From This Man's "Halloween Room" Because It Was Scaring Ladies Away

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After we madeUNDER one viewer named Chris’ zebra-themed room, we went back for more!

What did we tackle next? His Halloween room!

And we did it with the help of HGTV star and interior designer Taniya Nayak -- who beautifully transformed Chris’ zebra-themed bedroom last fall -- and construction expert Tom Bury.

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(And what a job they pulled off together!)

"I personally thought the Halloween room was a lot of fun," Chris says. "[But] a lot of people took it a little too seriously. Some women were even to scared to step into the room."

"I can’t seem to get a date," he continues, "and having a coffin in my house clearly is not helping the situation."

Needless to say, Chris admitted he was ready for a change!

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Not only did our expert design duo remove the infamous coffin from the room (unsurprisingly a first for them!), but they were also faced with fake skeletons, webs, spiders and rats. ?

Watch the video above to see how they turned the scary space into a zen den -- using Rach’s furniture line, in fact!

(Spoiler: Chris' one-word reaction? "Wow!")

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