Watch Rach Squirm Through this Hilariously Awkward "First Date" With a Self-Proclaimed Nerd

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The dating world isn't always an easy place to be — especially, according to one viewer, if you have a penchant for comic books!

Self-proclaimed comic-book nerd Andrew Flamm says that he uses dating apps, and gets plenty of first dates. But then he reveals his passions — comic books, conventions and cosplay (i.e. dressing up in character) — and, well, he doesn't get that second date.

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That's when Dr. Drew offered to give him a tutorial in the art of first-date conversation — and asked him to practice on Rach.

Well, Rach certainly had feelings about that!

But both played along, and in the end, Andrew learned some very important lessons about what it means to be an ideal dating partner.

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(And Rach learned that some Japanese comic books have recipes in them! Who knew?)

Watch the video above to see their hilariously awkward (but educational!) exchange!

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