Tigger Is a Puppy With Prosthetics — And He's About To Help Kids With Prosthetics, Too! (*Tear*)

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THIS is the story that will instantly improve your day!

Tigger the dog was born with a deformity in his front legs that caused his paws to curl — and forced him to get around using only his hind legs. That caused even more health problems for Tigger, leaving the poor pup in a really terrible place.

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But that all changed thanks to Tigger's foster mom, Eve, who put the dog on the road to recovery — and great things!

Eve raised the money necessary to get Tigger the surgery he needed on his paws, plus specially designed prosthetics, which are helping him get around better than ever!

Just as incredible? Tigger's working through physical therapy, but as soon as he's done, he's going to start another kind of training — to become a therapy dog for children with prosthetics. ?

Watch Tigger's amazing recovery in the video above!

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