Outdoor Tools: A 4-Wheeler Pressure Washer?!

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Playing Outdoor Tools: A 4-Wheeler Pressure Washer?!

We can all agree that pressure washers can be cumbersome to drag around -- so what if we told you one with four wheels actually exists?!

Well, it does! (And it claims to be the only one on the market.)

It's called Karcher's K3 Follow Me Pressure Washer.

"It's mobile," Carter from "Trading Spaces" explains. "[So] it will follow you wherever you want to go, which is completely different than any other pressure washer."

And he says you can use it to clean your patio, driveway AND house. Talk about a multi-purpose tool!

Pro tip from Carter: Start about 18 inches away from the surface you're cleaning and slowly move your way closer.

(Because the power is real!)

Learn more about the K3 Follow Me Pressure Washer and watch Carter put it to use right outside our studio in the video above!

And watch the video below to see a studio audience member win the *ultimate* grilling package just in time for summer!

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