We Tried It: BOBO LED Balloons (Look at Them Sparkle!)

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There are few things better than a ballon, right?

Well, what if we upped the ante on that?

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Toy and tech expert Katie Linendoll just introduced us to the balloon your kid's about to become obsessed with: Perpetual Kid's BOBO LED Balloon.


Rachael Ray Show

Like your average balloon, you can carry these sparkling pretties around.

But! Unlike your standard balloon, BOBO's balloons get strung with LED lights, so once you fill them up with helium and wrap them with the lights, they'll sparkle like a Christmas tree.

Pretty cool, right?

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And also, for the big kids, Rach's co-host for the day, Bob Harper, had a great point: "Now, this would be good for Coachella!"

We don't disagree with you, Bob!

See them in action in the video above!

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