These 3 Animal Moms Go Above and Beyond for Their Babies

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, zoologist Jarod Miller stops by the studio with a few furry friends in tow -- the animal kingdom’s best ani-moms!

First up, Pelo, a two-toed sloth! How CUTE is she?!

“Believe it or not, sloths get a reputation for being poor mothers,” says Miller, which is totally unfounded. A sloth mom stays with her baby for four whole years!

“During that time, the mother lets the baby do whatever it wants,” says Miller. So in Central America or South America, where sloths live, you might see a baby sloth venturing out on its own, hanging out in another tree, rather than sticking close to mom.

But that's not bad parenting -- she’s just letting the young sloth learn on its own since it needs to be fully self-sufficient within a few years.

“She's the cool mom!” says Rach. LOL Rach! ?

Next up is Sydney, a young female kangaroo from Australia -- cue the ooh's and aww’s.

“Female kangaroos are great moms,” says Miller. They can carry three babies at one time, if you can believe it -- one in the pouch, one out of the pouch that still comes back to feed and one very little baby that’s growing inside.

“Talk about a mom that’s working overtime!” says Miller.

And last but not least, it’s Maisie, a young female Scottish highlander cow, who’s just SO adorable!

But don’t be distracted by the cuteness. “Believe it or not, when Maisie’s a mom herself, she’s going to be the most deadly mom on the face of the planet,” says Miller.

Say what?! How’s that possible?

“Mother cows contribute to more people getting hurt or even killed sometimes while protecting their babies -- 20 times more than bears, sharks and alligators combined,” says Miller.

Rach and Curtis can hardly believe it!

The moral of the story: Yes, always watch out for bears -- but if you’re down on a farm, watch out for mother cows, too!

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