Dr. Drew Weighs In: What to Do When You and Your Mom Disagree About Wedding Details

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Gorgeous as weddings are, when it comes time for you to plan one, tensions can run HIGH.

And no one knows it better than this young lady!

As we prep for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding, we asked Dr. Drew to come in and solve a few real-world wedding dilemmas — including the one presented by this mother-daughter duo.

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DAUGHTER (Deanna): "I'm getting married in September, so a lot of fun planning happening and everything, but we're having some dilemmas, because we — me and my mother — are not really agreeing on some stuff."

Specifically, despite what her mom, Anita, wants (and it's worth noting, she's paying!), the daughter doesn't want a receiving line and she doesn't want her mom cooking on the day of the wedding, something she really wants to do.

Her mom's rationale? She's a caterer and, "You can't find good for up there [where the wedding is] anymore."

Mom's other gripes? "Her dress. I see my little girl in a big, poofy ball gown dress, and she doesn't want it." Her daughter agrees: "I don't want to be swimming in a dress!"

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DR. DREW'S TAKE: "Mom, you've got to move aside for the bride a little bit. It's her day. I understand, but you got to give mom some stuff. She's paying for it! You've got to toss her a bone."

That said, he noted one thing on mom's list that caught his eye: "This one's going to blow your mind. How about the honeymoon?"

"I was just kidding!" Mom argues, but admits that she wrote on her list, "She won't take me on her honeymoon."

"Can I make an executive decision here?" asks Drew. "She is not going to take you on the honeymoon, okay? I forbid it!"

After the daughter revealed she's going to Aruba on her honeymoon, Drew adds, "That's what counts, is what the two of them do together. Not all this mishigas — this mess. All of this will be in your rearview mirror, and you'll wonder what you were fighting about."

Because nothing's better than mother-daughter love! ❤️

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