What Happens When a Viewer Gets Her First Haircut Ever?

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Helene is 29 years old and she has never had her hair cut in her entire life! “My mother started it,” explains Helene. “She had two boys and then I came along, and so I think she finally had the little girl with the long hair… she put big bows in my hair all the time. And as I got older I just liked it, and I kept it. I was the girl with the long hair.” Helene’s hair length now measures 6’5”, and if it's not tied up, she has to carry it around with her as it's taller than she is!  

She is ready to make a change and Kyan Douglas is here to help get her through her first haircut without too much stress. He asks if she's sure she is ready, and she assures him it is time. "I knew many years ago that I wanted to donate it. So, since I know it is going to help somebody, I’m ready,” explains Helene. Given the length, Rachael jokes, "I think its going to help more than one somebody!”  

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