An Incredible 'Man-Over'

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Forty-seven-year-old Pete from Southbury, CT, was never really happy about going grey.

"When I started going grey, [I was] a little bit sad that I was getting older and the color was going out."

His love for baseball -- particularly the Boston Red Sox -- only made matters worse.

"In 2013, when the [Boston] Red Socks were making a World Series run, they came up with the phrase 'Fear the Beard.' I decided to grow the beard; grow the hair. It's just progressed ever since."

Now, Pete says he's finally ready for a whole new look -- and for good reason.

"I come home from a ride on my Harley, I have bugs in my beard," he said. "I can stick pens in my beard. People look at me like I'm crazy." "It's a sad state affairs when the age group that is attracted to you is not the 30-40 year-olds, but the 75 [to] 80-year-old group," he quipped.

His wife, Sue, couldn't agree more.

"I'm tired of him looking like Hagrid from 'Harry Potter," she quipped, adding she wants him to look more like a classic Richard Gere or George Clooney. "[His hair and beard] get in the way when we try to cuddle."

With the help of Rachael Ray and beauty pro Gretta Monahan, Pete and Sue's wishes are about to come true.

Watch the video now to see Pete's incredible transformation -- a home run in every sense of the word.

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