Night Shift Nurse's Cinderella-Style Makeover


Playing Nurses Surprised at Midnight with Magical Makeovers
Nurses Surprised at Midnight with Magical Makeovers Aired June 22, 2015

Night shift nurses Doreen and Maggie were paid a visit by a real-life fairy godmother when beauty pro Gretta showed up at the hospital at midnight to give them surprise makeovers!

Gretta waved her magic wand and a makeover room appeared in the hospital – complete with racks of chic clothes and hair and makeup professionals. Doreen was made over right in the hospital, getting the hip, young look she was after!

Watch the video below to see her amazing reveal:

Doreen got emotional as she talked about her new look, telling Rach, "It's a new me, I feel better about myself. This was an honor and I am humbled to have received this on behalf of all our night nurses."

Gretta shared two tips with Doreen that you can use at home:

Tip 1: Use a yellow-tinted concealer to wake up tired looking eyes.

Tip 2: When your roots start to grow in, you can cover a small amount of gray with a mineral powder hair color product.

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