The Hottest Hair Trends for Fall (Bonus: They’re Super-Low-Maintenance!)


Playing The Hottest Hair Trends for Fall (Bonus: They’re Super-Low-Maintenance!)
The Hottest Hair Trends for Fall (Bonus: They’re Super-Low-Maintenance!) Aired September 06, 2016

Have you ever thought about experimenting with dip-dye, or rocking pastel colored hair like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner? Celebrity hair stylist Kyan Douglas (known for his work on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) knows a thing or two about hair trends, and shows you two of the hottest looks for this fall.

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Identical twins, Tiffany and Heather, have had the same look for 20 years and wanted to try something new. Enter Douglas, who transformed their hair with the help of Cutler salon.


Dip-Dye Treatment
Douglas says that getting the right base color is key here: “The cool thing is we used highlighting, and then afterwards we went in and actually painted on some bleach, that’s called balayage. So, we did sort of a two-step lightening process."


Pastel Hair Color
Always wanted a fun, vibrant color in your hair but you’re afraid of the damage it’ll do? Douglas’ tip: “instead of lightening hair from root-to-end all over, put in lots of highlights that’ll pick up the vibrant pastel color.”

What Did The Twins Think of Their New Hair?
Tiffany chose pastel pink highlights, a trend many celebs are sporting these days. “I like it. It’s definitely different. I’ve never had my hair so short, but it’s awesome!” says Tiffany. “You don’t even look like twins anymore… It’s so edgy and rock and roll!” exclaims Rach.

Heather went with the dip-dye look, which she says is exactly what she was looking for. “I think this looks ways better than a traditional highlight,” says Rach.


These Cool Looks Are Super-Low-Maintenance
Douglas says maintaining these looks isn’t tough. He explains with the dip-dye, since the root of the hair is closest to your natural color, it’ll just grow out without needing any touch-ups. “What I love about Tiffany’s hair… because we didn’t do it root-to-end, even as the pink fades, it’s just going to fade to a beautiful blonde,” he adds. “It’s not damaging on the hair and much easier to maintain.”

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