The 3 Best New Beauty Products You’ve Never Heard Of

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Beauty pro Gretta Monahan is about to blow your mind with what she thinks are the best new beauty products that you’ve never heard of!

#1: Dr. Brandt’s MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier™ Mask
Monahan says the iron-magnetic particles in the mask draw all of the toxins out of the skin, and then the electro-magnetic interaction with the skin helps our skin rejuvenate on its own. “This is rad you guys!” says Monahan. Apply the mask and leave it on for five to ten minutes. The mask comes with an actual magnet in the box! Cover the magnet with tissue and hover it over the skin -- the mask will gently pull right off! “It leaves a little soft oil on the skin that you massage in. This literally feels like you sat in an hour facial in the spa,” says Monahan. “Your skin looks amazing, recharged and it’s incredible!”

#2: Eye Majic™
Monahan says the number one question she’s asked is how to create a smoky eye. The Eye Majic applicators already have the perfect combination of shadow on them to create a smoky eye. “You don’t have to be an expert to do this,” says Monahan. Just take the applicator (that’s already the perfect shape for your eyelid by the way!) and gently press it on your eyelid for four seconds. Then, swipe it on your eyelid toward your temple and voila!

#3: Cailyn Cosmetics’ Cocoon Lip Stain
“For girls on the go, lip stains are the best,” says Monahan. “The key is be precise, so always use a lip brush!” Carefully apply a thick layer to your lips (don’t blot!) and let it dry for about 10 minutes. Once dry, it’ll start to peel off and the resulting color will last for 10 hours!

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