Stacy London Tells Us All Her Skin Care Secrets

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The first thing fashion guru Stacy London does every day is take care of her face. Her skin care regimen might sound a little intense -- but she swears by it (and we have to admit her skin looks pretty amazing for 47)! Here are the nine steps she recommends -- in this order -- for a flawless complexion in five minutes flat.

Step 1: Cleansing Oil
London says she always starts with this, and that it’s best to use different brands of the same product so your skin doesn’t get used to any particular product.

Step 2: Toner
She says this helps products put on afterwards absorb into the skin.

Step 3: Reparative Serum
London says it’s supposed to help reverse the aging process, but she mostly uses it as a preventative measure, not to turn back the clock.

Step 4: Snake Serum
She says this serum is a little thicker than the first, and it’s meant to keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

Step 5: Face Oil
London says having a little bit of oil on your skin means you don’t have to use half as much foundation or coverup as you would normally.

Step 6: Retinol
London uses this to keep wrinkles away.

Step 7: Eye cream
This is to keep the delicate skin beneath the eye well-hydrated.

Step 8: Daily moisturizer
Just in case her face isn’t fully hydrated yet, she adds just a little bit of daytime moisturizer.

Step 9: Daily Broad Spectrum SPF 40
The most important step -- to not only help prevent premature aging, but to help prevent skin cancer!

Once she’s done with these 9 steps, she moves on to primping her hair: She starts with dry shampoo (which she says works miracles!) to absorb oil, and if her hair is a bit dry, she’ll apply a spritz of spray conditioner and a small amount of oil to the ends.

Surprised her first five minutes doesn't involve picking out her clothes? Us too! Get London’s tips for avoiding the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” scramble.

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