How to Prevent the Dreaded Holiday Party Hangover (and look incredible doing it)

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Sequins, velvet and body suits -- all major trends right now. And while they look amazing on all the stars, you might find yourself wondering how you can pull them off. And aren’t they a little over-the-top for the office? Nope! Style pro Stacy London shows you how to rock them from desk to party with super-practical looks that look amazing on everyone in the video above! (Warning: her fishtail sequin skirt is mesmerizing!)

Keep reading for tips on preventing (and dealing with) a head-splitting hangover and how to avoid overeating at the cheese and cracker station from Stacy’s sister, Jaclyn (who happens to be the nutrition director at Good Housekeeping).


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
According to Jaclyn, hydrate throughout the day, not just at the party! Help yourself out later by putting a glass of water or ginger ale on your nightstand before you leave for the party.

Have a Snack
About an hour before the party, Jaclyn says to have a snack that’s around 200 calories with at least four grams of protein and fiber per serving. For example, you could have:
-- An apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter
-- A handful of almonds or pumpkin seeds

Depuff Your Eyes
Are your eyes looking a little puffy? Put your fingers in ice and gently tap beneath your eyes to help circulate and drain the fluid. Stacy says another trick is to use two pillows while you’re sleeping the night before. It’ll keep your head elevated and help drain the fluid from your face.


Hangover Prevention
Veggies are more than just a snore -- they’re also help prevent hangovers (who knew?!)! Jaclyn says they’re chock-full of antioxidants and also have lots of water in them. Another tip is to eat anything that’s on a stick because it’s typically poached, seared or raw (aka not fried). Also, skip the crackers -- you can have those anytime.

Control Overeating
A great way to stave off picking at random foods is to keep your hands full! Hold your clutch in one hand and your drink in the other and there you go! (Unless you have a third hand we’re unaware of.)


Chug Some More Water
No brainer to avoid a hangover, right? If you want a little flavor instead of water, try drinking club soda or unsweetened ginger tea instead.

Curb the Munchies
If you’re still hungry after the party, choose foods that are available as single-serve (think cheese, nuts, chickpeas) or half of a turkey on whole grain sandwich. Skip high-fat foods (ahem, fried stuff) and others like tomatoes and chocolate -- these are all reflux-inducing foods!

Relax Your Toes
As pretty as your heels are, most likely they’re not made for walking (or standing all day long), so it's no wonder your feet are killing you by the end of the night. Try YogaToes! You put your toes in and it stretches them to relieve cramping.

Prevent Wrinkles
After you’ve taken off your makeup, use the Ling Jade Roller on your face and it’ll help prevent wrinkles!


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