This Mom + Daughter Lost 115 Pounds & Now They're Getting Glam Makeovers

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Mom and daughter Cheryl and Tessa wanted to get healthy, so they decided to take on a 100 day fitness challenge, but little did they know their story would go viral and they’d end up losing a combined 115 pounds (and counting)! We’re rewarding their hard work with a glam makeover from Kyan Douglas and Cutler Salon.

The ladies from Mahwah, New Jersey were still wearing oversized clothing and hadn’t learned how to dress their new figures, but Kyan changed that!

The style expert dressed Cheryl in a classic, four-season navy A-line dress, and said, “With the detail at the waist and the asymmetrical detail along the leg, it gives her a waist and it gives her length.”

For her new look, Tessa donned a trumpet-sleeved red floral top (with a sexy peekaboo back), lean black pants and sexy red heels. Kyan noted, “Her pants are karate-inspired; high at the waist to really emphasize her waistline.”

They both also got sleek new hairstyles, with framing around their face which has a slimming effect.

The ladies were nervous about their tailored new clothing because, as Kyan pointed out, “When you’re used to wearing big clothes because you have to, it’s a completely different ballgame to get into something that’s more fitted.”

But Cheryl and Tessa (who now resemble sisters!) were thrilled with the outcome, and ready for a girls night out!


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