A Bikini Makeover With Help From Swimsuit Model Hannah Jeter

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Playing Hannah Jeter on Her ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Photos: That’s Not Just Me at the Beach Hanging Out!

Ever wonder what it feels like for a supermodel to wear skimpy bikinis?

In the video above, model, wife, and soon-to-be mama Hannah Jeter talks about the stress of swimsuit shopping and reveals that even supermodels like her know #thestruggleisreal.

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She recently modeled for the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and reassuringly tells us “That’s not just me at the beach hanging out! I usually go for more coverage with my swimsuits.” (Preach, girl.)

Not only does Hannah get paid to wear bikinis (jealous), but she also happens to be a pro at choosing the right type of swimsuit for your body. Like so many women, one of our viewers, Jenna Bernstein from West Deptford, New Jersey, stresses out when she shops for swimwear. She claims she’s been struggling to find the right swimwear her entire life since her top is larger than her bottom.

“It’s really hard to find a top that fits, looks good, is cute, and doesn’t look like it’s meant for old ladies,” says Bernstein. “I just want a bathing suit that I can be proud to wear -- is that so much to ask for?”

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Luckily, Jeter has some tips to help her (and all of us really because… swimsuit season is coming. Ahh!)

“Pick what you really want to show off, and then cover up the things you’re not as happy with,” explains Jeter.

Check out the video above to see Bernstein looking flawless in her new swimsuit!

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