5 Hacks To Make Your Bras Work for (Almost) Any Situation/Outfit

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Make Your Bras Work for (Almost) Any Situation/Outfit Aired August 01, 2017

Bra strap constantly slipping down? Want to wear a dramatic backless dress and wondering how the heck you’re going to keep the girls in place?

Here are five cheap extras that will solve all these problems and more, courtesy of Zulily.com Senior Lifestyle Editor Amy E. Goodman.

THE PROBLEM: Your Cleavage Gets Sweaty
THE FIX: Cotton Bra Liner

This padded liner goes under your bra and wicks up excess sweat. Just toss it in the wash when it needs freshening.

THE PROBLEM: Not Enough Cleavage
THE FIX: Bustline Shaper

This device is worn over your bra, and pushes everything up from below. Watch how it works in the video above.

THE PROBLEM: Bra is Too Tight Around Your Rib Cage
THE FIX: Bra Extender

A small extender with hooks will give your bra an extra inch or two.

THE PROBLEM: Bra Straps Fall Off Your Shoulder
THE FIX: Elastic Bra Strap Holder

We’ve all been there -- you’re going about your day and your bra strap keeps sliding down. It’s embarrassing to have to keep adjusting it. This strap, which connects your bra straps in the back, will ensure that never happens again.

THE PROBLEM: Bra Shows When Wearing Backless Dress
THE FIX: Low Back Bra Converter

Two elastic straps hook your bra together low on your back, then wrap around to your front where you connect them (see demonstration below). Now you can wear all the low-cut and backless dresses you want!


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