3 New At-Home Beauty Gadgets for Spring 2017


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New At-Home Beauty Gadgets for Spring 2017 Aired July 05, 2017

Who isn't curious about the latest beauty breakthroughs?

Unfortunately, they often come with a pretty steep price tag when you try them at the dermatologist’s office.

Good news is, Dr. Whitney Bowe is telling us about some less expensive at-home options

THE GADGET: Juvalips

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What It Claims to Do: Celeb dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe explains, “It’s a lip plumping device you can use at home that claims to safely and gently plump your lips in just 1-2 minutes, giving you fuller lips for 4 to 10 hours.”

Cost: Under $130

Fine Print: “I would caution that some people have much more fragile capillaries than others, and even this gentle pressure might be enough to cause one of those delicate blood vessels to burst, leaving a bruise. So I would say this is for the special night out, not for everyday use,” Dr. Bowe says.

THE GADGET: Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift

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What it Does: This facial massager claims to fight gravity and lift skin back into place. According to Dr. Bowe, the manufacturers claim that if you use it for three minutes twice a day for 12 weeks, it actually tightens and firms the face, neck and chest.

Cost: About $349 for whole system


What it Does: This a full-face light mask that claims to give you younger, healthier looking skin if you use it for eight minutes every other day. “You can supposedly start to see results in 30 days,” Dr. Bowe says. It has over 100 little lights built into it, and the lights emit red light and infrared light.

Price: About $349

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