We Tried the Most-Pinned Hair Colors on Pinterest -- And Now We Get Why They're So Popular!

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Playing We Tried the Most Pinned Hair Colors on Pinterest -- And Now We Get Why They're So Popular!

New year, new hair indeed!

If you’re thinking of switching up your ‘do, we have some trendy inspiration for you.

We took three of the most pinned hair colors on Pinterest and asked stylist Kyan Douglas and Cutler Salon to put them to the test on three of our viewers.

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Let’s just say we’re obsessed with all three -- and when you see them, you probably will be, too.


Rose gold everything is everywhere these days -- like in jewelry and makeup, for starters -- so it’s no surprise that it’s snuck its way into the hair world by now.

"This is a way to try a fantasy color that’s not too far out there," Kyan says. "It’s accessible [and] great for lots of different complexions."

So, here’s the inspiration behind the style that Kyan and Cutler tried on a viewer named Lindsey (which Kyan calls a "warm rose gold"):

And here’s the final look:

Rachael Ray Show

SO pretty, right?!

Watch the video above to hear Kyan explain how they achieved this, so you can do it, too!

Pro tip: Lindsey says the whole process took about a few hours, so if you’re after this ‘do, make sure to plan ahead.

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As Kyan pointed out, curly-haired women are usually hesitant to color their hair, as dye could potentially damage beautiful curls.

That’s why this trend -- which only goes on the tips of the hair, not all over -- is perfect for curly-haired beauties, like our viewer Crystal!

"It’s very, very low maintenance," Kyan insists.

Without further ado, behold the inspiration behind Crystal’s new ‘do:

Rachael Ray Show

Photo Credit: Newscom

And check out Kyan and Cutler’s job well done:

Rachael Ray Show

So perfectly subtle!

Pro tip: If you know your own hair as well as Crystal knows hers, you can pick and choose the pieces that you want highlighted!


If you’re hoping to make a bold statement for the holidays or make a drastic change for the new year, this one’s for you!

But fair warning -- it’s not as low maintenance as the others.

"With red, definitely go to a colorist," Kyan advises. "Sometimes it can be hard to nail the red just right."

Well, if you ask us, Kyan and Cutler got our viewer Valerie’s look Just. Right.

Check out their inspiration:

And look how well they pulled it off:

Rachael Ray Show

Now, if this one strikes your fancy, know that red is the quickest hair color to fade, according to Kyan.

But there IS a way to go about the coloring to make it last longer (Spoiler: It involves more bleach.)

Watch the video above to hear Kyan explain your two options.

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