This Woman Creates *Actual* Masterpieces With Her Rainbow Hair Art

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The rainbow hair trend has been flooding our social media feeds for quite some time now -- but one extremely popular hairstylist from Kansas named Ursula Goff (she has over 100,000 Instagram followers!) has truly taken the phenomenon to another level.

Just look at this:

And this:

OH ... and this:

Okay, okay, ONE

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Aside from those beautifully subtle rainbow streaks, the talented hair artist can pull off actual scenes that she paints with a paintbrush -- and her canvas ranges from natural hair to hair extensions (for those who are feeling a bit non-committal!).

And though Ursula says clients tend to give her free rein (she’s THAT good), she still runs her ideas past them to ensure they’re going to like the design that she has in mind.

If you ask us, these works of art truly speak for themselves:

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